Mighty Giants Learn About Hydroponics and Cultivation

The 2nd and 3rd grade classes from Success Academy at Boys and Girls Club embarked on an enriching journey to Pure Green Farms, immersing themselves in the captivating narrative of lettuce growth facilitated by hydroponic units. Guided by Joe McGuire, our esteemed tour leader and collaborator, the students were able to gain insights into the intricate world of cultivation, with McGuire emphasizing the pivotal role played by the finely tuned peat mixture—a harmonious blend of soil and wood fibers.

McGuire skillfully unveiled the meticulous process, starting from the strategic placement of seeds in specialized gutters, each designed to hold 124 seeds, to the controlled climate conditions of the greenhouse. The seeds embarked on a 25-day odyssey to germination, culminating in the mature lettuce-laden gutter’s journey to the packaging plant. Post-harvest, the gutter underwent a thorough cleaning process, ensuring sustainability through reuse. The spectacle of this remarkable cycle left our students spellbound, deepening their appreciation for agricultural innovation.

Our Mighty Giants seized the opportunity to engage with Pure Green Farm’s multifaceted team, comprising engineers, scientists, farmers, maintenance workers, and operations personnel. The students’ active participation and thoughtfully crafted questions not only demonstrated their keen interest but also earned accolades from Mr. McGuire, underscoring the profound depth of their understanding.